• Leadership
  • Corporate Leadership

    We all know that there is no such thing as a 'natural born leader'. We are not born with great leadership skills. Our ability to lead, and our position of leadership within an organization, is determined solely by our commitment to fully and consciously develop our own leadership skills.

    In today's world, we are very passionate about spreadsheets, we invest thousands of dollars and countless days planning the success of our business, while sometimes neglecting to consciously plan our own professional and personal growth, letting our leadership brand evolve by default.

    When leaders take a strategic approach in developing a well-designed leadership style that is powerful and engaging, they are able to create the kind of stunning success that leaves their team proud, energized, and wanting more.

    You already know the corporate language, and it's gotten you this far. I'm offering a new language, one that will take you outside the four walls you live in every day to gain new perspectives and create clarity for what the next level looks like for you.

    We will explore new concepts such as:

    • Entrainment: How to build a team that is fully engaged, flowing with a symbiotic rhythm, accomplishing tasks without constant prodding or course correction.
    • Interfusion: The process of fusing different thoughts and ideas together to create a unique, innovative concept.
    • Synthesis: Blending separate ideas together to form a unified system that flows smoothly.
    • Communication IQ: Creating conversations that matter, articulating thoughts more clearly, while increasing the ability to listen at a deeper level.
    • The 12 Dimensions of Energetic Leadership Performance.

    Consciously building our personal leadership brand in a purposeful and impactful way, affects each and every area of our lives. Stress levels go down, health improves, time constraints ease up, and personal relationships become more meaningful.

    I work with successful individuals who know, that there is something that hasn't been explored yet and they want to find out what that is. They want to discover how to more effectively use all the potential they currently have, and move forward to discover more.

    We will use the iPEC Energy Leadership Index Assessment to gain clarity around your unique leadership style and use that insight as a framework to further develop the tools and skills necessary to boldly execute your vision.

    What if you were 100% energetically engaged, completely confident, emotionally connected, understood your purpose completely and saw the alignment between your vision, your values, and where you want to go.

    What if you had everything all laid out and knew exactly what to do......

  • Sales Coaching

    Here's the simple truth. As a sales professional, you are in complete control of your financial success.

    You are the President and CEO of "You Inc." And as CEO, you are 100% in charge of your own personal and professional development. You decide when you're ready to do whatever it takes to get to the next level, and you decide when it's time to explore new insights, gain new wisdom and sharpen your personal skills.

    While corporations invest time and resources on product knowledge, time management and sales training for their teams, those elements are only part of the equation.

    Top performers understand the importance of dedicating time, energy and finances to their own personal development. They step outside the four walls they live in every day and make the strategic decision to grow beyond their current level of success. They explore new concepts, develop new abilities and gain new perspectives.

    I work with sales professionals who are looking to explore what the next level looks like for them, and how they can actively translate their sales goals into specific action steps that will allow them to successfully move toward their sales goals with confidence.

    We will use the iPEC Energy Leadership Index Assessment to identify your unique personal talents, strengths and current skill sets. We will then move forward to design a detailed blueprint to expand your natural talents and create growth in areas that are holding you back.

    Your Assessment will give us insight as to the specific ways that your current Leadership style is influencing your sales career, and we will put in place specific strategies for developing a Self-leadership style that will support and sustain your professional growth.

    We will get crystal clear on how you can confidently translate your sales goals into specific action steps and bridge the gap between what you know is possible, and what you're willing to do to get there.

  • 1:1 Personal Life Coaching

    We all have that one important thing, that if we were to accomplish it, would have the biggest impact on every area of our life.

    I help people build a solid foundation, design a detailed blueprint and develop the necessary skills to move forward with that one important goal with confidence, passion and success.

    What if.......

    • You were 100% energetically engaged and clearly saw the alignment between your vision, your values, and where you wanted to go.
    • You understood your purpose with clarity and passion, and had complete confidence in your success.
    • You had everything all laid out and knew exactly what to do.

    You would be unstoppable.

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