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  • Women Seeking Work/Life Balance

    We are each on a personal quest for balance in our lives. While on this quest, there are times when the constant need to juggle family responsibilities while also dealing with the pressure to perform at optimum levels in our career causes us to feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

    The emotional and physical stress that this constant pressure creates in our daily lives can leave our mind, body and spirit under-nourished and drained.

    We can become so focused on our commitment to fulfill obligations toward everyone and everything outside of us, that we lose our sense of 'Self' in the process.

    During this important weekend we will gain clarity around what a "well-balanced life" looks like for you as you move through your various roles as partner, mother, friend, employee or business leader. We will explore specific ways that we can create a greater sense of balance and authenticity in our lives by continuing to be mindful of our true "Self" while also fulfilling each of these important roles.

    We will use the iPEC "Energy Leadership Index" assessment to gain insight as to the various ways your current energy levels are getting in your way and creating a lack of balance. We will use your ELI assessment to identify specific ways that you can dial down the static of negative, catabolic energy, while increasing the amount of positive, anabolic energy in your daily life. We will also use the assessment as a framework for coaching throughout the weekend.

    During my 30 years experience as a small and midsize business owner, I discovered that one of the biggest challenges in creating greater work/life balance occurs when two or more of our Core Values are in conflict. Sometimes our need to create career and financial security conflicts with the needs of our loved ones and we experience anxiety, guilt or stress.

    We will use a Core Values Assessment to gain clarity around which personal and work life core values are working for you, and which of those values are no longer meeting your needs, causing you to feel "stuck". When we take time to consciously choose core values that more accurately reflect our current needs, we are able to move forward more smoothly with a greater sense of peace, balance and confidence.

    We will take time to examine beliefs that you currently hold about yourself and the world around you that may be getting in your way, and explore new beliefs that are more supportive.

    Come join us for this important weekend. If you take some time away, let go of some of the day to day pressure and just let yourself breathe, the world around you will not fall apart, I promise.

    But, I can tell you what will happen for you this weekend.

    When you step outside the four walls that you live in everyday and you are completely free from the demands and distractions of your daily life, your relaxed 'Self' will have the time and space to come out and play. You can take a look at your world from a different angle and explore new possibilities that will better support the balance you seek to create in your life.

    We will spend our days together coaching and exploring new perspectives. In the afternoons you will have personal time to experience Suncadias relaxing fitness center and pool, enjoy the peaceful nature trails or maybe just curl up on one of the couches at the main Lodge to take in the breathtaking view.

    During our evenings together, we will enjoy beautiful candlelight dinners under the stars, great music, much laughter and a glass or two of Swiftwater Cellars Grand Reserve. We will relax beside a warm fire and celebrate your amazing wisdom, meaningful discoveries and new friendships.

    In celebration of your journey this weekend, we will be offering two new signature cocktails, "Note to Self" and the more adventurous "Self's Off the Shelf" Martini.

    At the end of our evening the shuttle will return you safely back to your accommodations.

  • Retreat For Women Experiencing The Stress of Separation and Divorce

    A major relationship change can be such an emotional experience, that it can be easy to get caught up in the stress, frustration and fear of that next thing that could come up and throw us off balance. That knot of fear and stress that we carry in our stomachs throughout each day, and those negative thoughts that keep circulating in our minds can deplete our energy, leaving us exhausted and drained by the time our head finally hits the pillow at night. Then, we lay there awake, worried about what we're going to have to deal with the next day.

    This negative energy can take us to a place we never intended to go, and if we let it, the experience can take hold of our emotions and shape us into someone we never intended to be.

    Recent studies in the field of Neuroplasticity show that whatever we choose to think about over and over again, becomes a habit of thought. Those thoughts that we repeat over and over in our minds actually alter the physical make-up of our brain, creating tunnel vision and distorted beliefs that continue to keep us in that stressed, anxious place.

    I have good news.

    Whatever we have taught our brains to think and believe, can be un-taught. We can replace negative thoughts about stressful experiences with new beliefs that better support the vibrant, confident, sexy self that we all intend to be.

    In each challenging moment, you have the power to choose. Your life is going to move forward through this emotional challenge, and you can choose the wisest, most confident, best 'Self' to take with you on this journey.

    During our time together this weekend, you will learn how to identify the negative thought patterns that are weighing you down and creating more stress. You can then replace those thought patterns with a new awareness of yourself and the world around you that will better support the confident, focused, joyful person that you want to be at this time in your life.

    We will take a look at what kind of experience you want to have over the upcoming months and design a clear, focused, personalized blueprint that will enable you to move forward on this journey with greater clarity and confidence. We will identify your personal leadership style and explore how you can use your natural leadership talents during this time to build a legacy of self-respect, wisdom and grace for both you and your family.

    I invite you to take a drive through the breathtaking Cascade Mountains and join us for three blissful days at the beautiful Suncadia Lodge Resort and Spa. We will spend our days together coaching and exploring new thoughts, concepts and possibilities. In the late afternoons, you can take some alone time for a peaceful walk on the nature trails, spend time at the fitness center, lay by the pool, or maybe just curl up on the comfy couches at the Lodge to enjoy the breathtaking view and reflect on your new perspectives.

    In the evenings we will gather together to enjoy elegant candlelight dinners under the stars and celebrate your days experience and newly discovered awarenesses. We will relax and enjoy a glass of Swiftwater Cellars Grand Reserve beside a warm fire and share a toast to your amazing Strength, Wisdom and Clarity.

    When our evening comes to a close, our shuttle will bring you safely back to your accommodations.

  • Creating Optimal Health And Well Being For Women

    All behaviors have a beginning and an end. It's just a matter of how much time we allow to go by before we decide to end the behaviors that are causing us stress, and choose new behaviors that better support the confident, sexy, energetic person we intend to be

    We didn't just wake up one day and find ourselves in a physically and emotionally unhealthy place. It happens gradually over time. While we were busy putting one foot in front of the other, meeting all the responsibilities in our daily lives, our health and well-being has been gradually slipping away. We've been telling ourselves that we'll have time to focus on our personal needs later, but 'later' never comes.

    At some point, we realize that we're in a place that we never intended to be, we are completely overwhelmed and our frustration level has become so high that we've finally had enough.

    So we decide to become healthy, we commit to a nutrition plan and we join a gym. But then life gets in the way and eventually our resolution to become healthy loses its momentum, falling by the wayside.

    Your plan to become healthy doesn't loose its energy because you lack self-discipline, commitment or desire. Your plan looses energy because it's not all about great nutrition and time at the gym. The actions we take on the outside of our bodies are only part of the equation.

    For sustainable success, we need to first lay a firm foundation. We need to start with what's happening on the inside. It's about discovering the specific thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that are weighing us down, getting in our way and holding us back. The next step is to explore some new perspectives and choose some new beliefs that will strongly support your big, bold, ambitious goals for optimum health. We will lay a solid foundation for success from the inside out.

    During this three day retreat we will use the "Energy Leadership Index" assessment to discover your own personal Self-Leadership style. We will use the ELI assessment as a framework to create a well-designed blueprint to move forward as a strong, sexy, confident leader in your own life, to build a future of optimal heath and well-being.

    In an environment of support, compassion and respect, we will:

    • Explore new perspectives that will take your self-awareness to a whole new level.
    • Discover the five biggest obstacles that are getting in your way and make a solid plan to overcome each one with confidence.
    • Identify the specific kinds of support that you will need to put into place to make your journey smooth and successful.
    • Design a personalized blueprint for you to take with you as you move toward your goal with excitement and passion.

    You are the most important person in your life. There is nothing on this earth that is more important than your emotional and physical well-being.

    Maybe it's time, maybe your beautiful soul has waited long enough to experience the excitement of living a strong, sexy, bold life.

    Come join us for this important weekend. Take a breathtaking drive through the Cascade Mountains and enjoy three very meaningful days with us at the beautiful Suncadia Resort and Spa.

    We will spend our days together at the Retreat Cabin, exploring new concepts and gaining clarity around the things in your life that are most meaningful to you. In the afternoons, you will have personal time to enjoy Suncadia's Pool and Fitness Center, explore the Resorts peaceful nature trails or maybe just curl up on a couch at the Lodge to enjoy the breathtaking mountain views.

    In the evenings we will gather together under the stars, beside a warm fire and enjoy elegant candlelight dinners. We will share excellent wine, much laughter, good music and new friendships.

    When our evening comes to a close, our shuttle will bring you safely back to your accommodations.

  • Corporate Leadership Retreat

    Time management and work/life balance are two of the greatest challenges facing today's leaders. While on our quest for professional and financial success, we are also working to fulfill obligations toward our families, our health, valued friendships and our need for personal development. All of these responsibilities are in constant competition for our time and energy, and these demands can be overwhelming.

    What we broadly refer to as "stress" or "pressure" occurs when of two or more of these high-value responsibilities are in competition for our attention, making us feel as though we are constantly fighting fires and fixing problems, which reduces our ability to be effective leaders.

    Achieving work/life balance and effectively managing our time begins with consciously developing a well-designed leadership style that is powerful and effective. When leaders strategically plan their professional and personal growth, stress levels go down, team productivity increases, time constraints ease up, health improves and relationships become more meaningful. It's a win for everybody.

    To gain clarity around your current leadership skills and personal leadership style, we will use the iPEC Energy Leadership Index Assessment. This assessment identifies the various ways you experience the 12 Dimensions of Energy Leadership in your daily life. One week prior to the upcoming retreat you will receive the assessment via email, it takes about 20 minutes to complete and the results will be emailed to you prior to the retreat weekend.

    During our first Retreat Session, you will be debriefed on what the results of your assessment mean. We will identify your current leadership strengths, and also bring awareness to what is getting in your way. We will use your assessment, along with the iPEC Energy Leadership Development System as a framework to build a strong foundation and design a clear blueprint to maximize your current leadership skills and create new ones.

    The greatest minds throughout history, place great importance on personal development, "Wherever you go, there you are." The single common denominator in your success performance, your personal relationships and your level of happiness, is you.

    Develop you, learn the skill of bringing your best self forward in each moment, and the world around you will shift to match the person you are creating yourself to be.

    What if you were 100% energetically engaged, completely confident, emotionally connected, understood your purpose completely and saw the alignment between your vision, your values, and where you wanted to go. What if you had everything all laid out and new exactly what to do.

    Step outside the four walls you live in every day, and join us for this important weekend. Take a drive through the majestic Cascade Mountains to the world class Suncadia Golf Resort and Spa. Take this time, with no outside distractions, to gain a new perspective, and explore new perceptions about yourself and the world around you.

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